Micki Piperno – “Guitar Story”            

16387889_10154862866484976_578159244601483340_nMicki Piperno expresses himself through contemporary music and in particular by means of his acoustic guitar, with steel strings;

he proposes a concert where Jazz and Blues blend together with echoes of classical and mediterranean music.


“Guitar Story” is the story of the guitar itself, that during the show tells to the audience the journey of his life since the beginning, at the very start of afroamerican music, passing through folk music, and arriving to rock n roll.

The concert is a veritable journey through the sounds that shaped the music of the last century, and of the sounds that gave life to the guitar as we all know it today.

Guitar, just like music and life,, is no longer modern or classical, but a modern mixture that represents the world we are living in.

In this show, rural sounds mix with the most refined ones in order to serve melodies and songs, the elements that Micki claims to be essential to communicate the world of the acoustic guitar.





















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