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Micki Piperno – Acoustic Guitar

Micki Piperno
The acoustic guitar is definitely one of the instruments that has been increasing in popularity today, probably because of its capabilty of adapting to a wide range of music genres.

Micki Piperno is considered one of the most refined and eclectic musicians in the national landscape, having taken part in some of the most important festivals, such as the “Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana” , “Ferentino Acustica”, “Vox Mundi”, “Ferentino”, “Un Paese a Sei Corde”, “Salento Guitar Festival”, sharing the stage with renowned artists like Ed Gerhard, Mauro Pagani, Alex Britti, Bob Bonastre and many others.

He currently runs a column dedicated to Acoustic Guitar on the webzine “Accordo”; his latest solo compositions have been published by CandyRat Records on their official Youtube channel.

His last record, “Guitar Story”, has recently been performed as a live show in several venues, most notably in Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

His methods “Manuale di Chitarra Moderna”, “Suonare La Teoria – Vol I e II”, “Corso Completo di Chitarra Acustica”, “Lezioni di Chitarra Acustica e Classica Fingerstyle Vol.1”, “La Vita dietro la Chitarra” have been published by Sinfonica Jazz, and his books “Original Composition” and “Freestyle” have been released by Fingerpicking.net.






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